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What We Do

Professional Cleaning Plans

Bi Monthly
$29 Two Bins
Every 8 Weeks
$32 Two Bins
Every 12 Weeks
One Time
$30 Per
As Needed

* Service runs approximately late March through early December (weather dependent).  Additional bins are $8 on subscription plans.  Compost bins are not serviced.

How It Works

Sign Up Process

  1. Click “Sign Up” and fill out the work request form.
  2. You will receive a call or email that your information was processed.
  3. You will be placed on the schedule based on your location and frequency of cleanings.
  4. You will receive an email and text that Essentially Clean is coming the day before.
  5. Essentially Clean arrives after the garbage has been collected and steam cleans the bins curbside.
  6. Have a clear conscience because you did this chore the most environmentally friendly way.

Why It Works

Essentially Clean provides the most sanitary form of cleaning – STEAM!  Steam coupled with high pressure water is the key ingredient to why it works.  We help save time, the amount of water and chemicals used by exploiting the most effective and efficient cleaning technology.  This saves you time, provides a superior clean and helps the environment by reducing water and not using chemicals.  So, drop the bleach and broom method and get steam cleaned.

About Us

Our Purpose and Mission

Essentially Clean is driven by the opportunity to provide a state of the art, highly effective cleaning process to one of your homes most neglected source of germs and odor, your trash and recycle bins.  We help serve in the capacity of taking dominion over God’s creation by eliminating harmful germs and practicing good stewardship by doing so in a toxin-free, environmentally friendly manner.  Essentially Clean also strives to build a customer base knowledgeable in toxin free alternatives to cleaning and outfitting a home.

Products We Use

Our Company is focused on using toxin-free products that are derived from plants, as well as natural minerals mined from our precious planet.  Our cleaning and deodorizing products are the genesis of our name, “Essentially Clean”, which comes from the use of plant essential oils.  We are focused on keeping toxins from the home and from the environment.

Contact Us

Mailing Address & Phone

3000 Village Run Road, Unit 103-185
Wexford, PA 15090


Call or text: 724-432-3455

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